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Triple Issues I needed prayer for high blood pressure, diabetes and a lump that I thought could be cancerous. After the ministry I had a doctor's appointment and my blood pressure was 12 points lower, my blood sugar level was 6.3 - below the level of diabetes - and the lump was a benign subcutaneous cyst. J 2/19/15

Multiple Sclerosis followup I was recently at the healing rooms and was prayed for healing of my MS affliction. I have been healed! As a result of the MS however, the right side of my body was weakened. After months of physical therapy there was minimal improvement. I returned to the healing rooms for more prayer. Again after the anointing of oil, the laying on of hands and prayer, I actually felt the numbness leave my right arm. I am gaining more strength every day. The power of our Lord is truly great. Through His mercy and His sacrifice I am healed. To the people of Christ’s Love Healing Rooms in Southampton, PA, I thank you and love you all. Your faith in Jesus Christ is strong and thanks to your teaching me, my faith grows more every day. Thank you and God bless. - RH 8/10/12

Multiple Sclerosis When I arrived at the healing rooms in Southampton, PA, I was suffering from fatigue, frequent vertigo, weakness on my right side, unbalance and walking with drop foot. After meeting with the prayer group, the anointing of oil and the laying on of hands with prayer, I WALKED out of the room with IMMEDIATE relief of my symptoms. It is a true miracle! I have not had any symptoms return since. It is a true gift from the Father to have been introduced to the wonderful people at Christ’s Love Healing Rooms. Thank you so much, God bless you all. - RH 8/10/12

Car Accident Pain I have been in 8 car accidents and my body was in severe pain. Result of ministry: Freedom of mental exhaustion and miraculous healing. I was diagnosed with nerve damage in my neck, left arm, lower back and right leg. Had also been diagnosed with herniated discs. Pain radiated down shoulders and legs. I am totally free of pain and symptoms. My neck feels loose and free of pain. My… lower back is free of pain. - BH 7/7/11

Knee Pain & Swelling - I had severe pain in my right knee with some swelling. After prayer the pain completely disappeared and normal function was restored. It is a great blessing to be free from pain. - HD 6/10/10

Sprained foot - Sprained foot, pain on the top part of the right foot. Hard to walk without pain. After prayer, pain lessened immediately, but by the next day it was completely gone. - SC 8/20/09

Swollen Ankle and Short Leg - I broke my ankle in 1973, and I was born with my left leg shorter than the other. So when I stood in church, my ankle would swell up. When I came to the Healing Rooms my ankle was swollen. When the ladies prayed over my ankle for the swelling to go down, I felt a pull on my hip joint and the swelling went down in my ankle. I sensed that something else had happened due to the pulling at my hip. So I put my feet together and they were even, and I said to the ladies, “Look, God lengthened by leg.” - EP 6/4/08

Pain and Bondages - I felt a touch from the Lord as I received prayer for problems with my hand, back and whole body. I experienced the Lord’s presence as my Father and felt freedom from various bondages such as word curses, poverty and being accident prone. Praise God. - 11/15/07

Migraines - For years I have suffered with debilitating migraines with vomiting and loss of vision. The time spent suffering was enormous. My friend brought me to this Healing Room. I was desperate! Three women prayed powerfully for me. I forgave those who had hurt me. I had to forgive! Ever since that day in February 2007 I HAVE NOT had another migraine! And I believe I’ll never get another one! It’s a miracle! - IR 5/17/07

Shoulder Pain - I came in with pain in my shoulder and a feeling that my shoulder was out of joint – it kept popping when I moved it. The team prayed over my shoulder then had me take authority over the condition and pain. I felt the Lord’s presence but the condition remained. After praying for me, the team started praying over another team member. I went to place my hand on her and I felt the Lord say, ‘no use your other arm.’ When I stretched out my arm, my shoulder popped back into place and the pain started subsiding. - JC 3/8/07

Jaw pain and heartburn - I came for prayer because my jaw was in pain. I couldn’t open it. My jaw is now healed and just 4 days ago my heartburn stopped for the first time in years. (I didn’t take any Tums.) I feel that I am healed through the power of God and prayer. Thank you all for your prayer in Jesus name. 11/10/05

Injured shoulder - I came to the Healing Rooms’ Monday night (training) meeting, 11/7/05, with a plan to ask to have hands laid on me after the meeting. God was way ahead of me. During the meeting I felt His presence on my shoulder and knew that His touch had healed me. Thank you Jesus. I give Him all the praise!!

Asthma - Danielle was 5 years old and was brought for prayer for healing of asthma. Whenever Danielle got a cold she would cough continuously so the doctor prescribed nebulizer equipment with a solution to open up Danielle’s lungs so she could breathe properly and get over the asthmatic attack. Since Danielle got prayer in August 2004 her mother reports that she no longer gets asthmatic attacks (through June 2005). Thank you Jesus for healing Danielle of asthma!

Knee Pain and Forgiveness - My burden of unforgiveness was a stronghold. After my sincere proclaiming to forgive, a feeling of a fresh breath came over me. A heaviness was lifted from my chest. This freedom I feel reopened my connection to the Lord bringing me closer once again to Him. Laying of hands on my left knee, we praised God for His reigning power over me, His chilld. I felt a flow over my knee and as I walked out I knew the Lord’s work was in progress. Over the next days my knee felt better and on the third day all pain was lifted. I give Him thanks for He has healed me. Amen.

Constipation - I received prayer for my constipation. The day after I received prayer my bowels moved properly. I haven’t had any problems for 5 months. Thank you God. (11 years old)

Infected Ingrown Toenail - As soon as the prayer team began to pray for my toe I felt the pain leaving. My toe was red, swollen and I could not even touch it lightly! Feeling the pain leaving was a new sensation! By the time I returned home my toe was not hurting and was touchable! Friday evening my husband held a magnifying glass while I cut out the nail. With only 2 times of wincing I removed the growth, put on a Band-Aid and went to sleep. The next morning I was worshipping Messiah, dancing at His feet!

Chronic Migraine Headaches - I had a miraculous instantaneous healing, complete relief from headaches that have plagued me for 3 years. I went to many doctors with no relief after taking dozens of medications. I came once to the healing room and my headaches stopped. Now I can return to school after being home bound for four months.

Arthritic Knee and Hearing - Arthritic knee completely healed. I have no pain in my left knee, thank God. I have healing (of) hearing in my left ear. I have forgiven my family and myself for past issues and feel so free. I can't wait to see them.

Asthma - I came to you in the spring for healing of a digestive problem and returned for further prayer. During the second time of prayer, Joyce prayed additionally that the Lord would heal my asthma. I am in my 50's and can remember trips to the doctor for allergy problems back to when I was 6-7 years old. The asthma worsened after heart surgery some years ago.
  I want to praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers. The Lord has answered them. After a lifetime of allergy/asthma problems, for about a week, I haven't had any problems with either allergies or asthma. This is truly a miracle. I can't remember back to when I had no problems with breathing.
  On Monday the 18th, I'll see my regular physician. As God leads, I plan to tell her that the Lord healed me (she already knows that he did that about 20 years ago from a thyroid problem which has never returned). At that point, Lord willing, I plan to say that I will stop taking allergy/asthma medications.
  Thank you so much and to God be the glory.

Arthritic Joint - I had an arthritic joint in my left index finger. It was so painful that I couldn't touch it. This joint troubled me for many years. After the prayer team anointed me with oil and prayed over me the arthritis in my finger responded and disappeared. I rubbed it as hard as I could--no pain! Also, the joint was very disfigured and that is slowly clearing up. Praise the Lord and thank you healing team!

Sinus Problems - I brought my granddaughter for prayer ministry for healing of sinus and respiratory problems. She also has a deviated septum. She has no problems with this condition since she received prayer. Praise the Lord!

Allergies & Protection - I requested prayer ministry for allergy symptoms and also protection for a trip I was taking to Peru. I have no allergy symptoms since receiving prayer and no reactions while traveling in South America. Also, we avoided a landslide and were protected during an uprising in the town of Allane. We were protected in some tight situations and I believe the Lord protected us the entire trip because of the prayer. I also praise the Lord for opportunities to pray and minister. We enjoyed the beautiful things God created in another continent and now I have a burden to pray for the people and country of Peru.

Joint Pain - For some time I have had occasional problems with my knees. On a couple of consecutive weekends in April when I got up in the morning my knees were very tired, sore and weak, and it took some time before I could get going for the day. I received prayer in the Healing Rooms on Thursday and felt immediate improvement. The morning difficulties have not returned. Praise God!

Chronic Constipation - I presented myself for healing prayer on 5/6/04. Years ago I took a drug to lose weight. As a result, afterwards I was plagued with ongoing constipation problems. The day after prayer I was very much improved. Every week that passed brought amazing improvement. Today I know that Jesus has healed me. Praise God!

Rash-Molluscum - Hannah, age 3, had Molluscum – a rash with bubbling, open blisters – on her upper body for 9 months. The rash began to dry up the day she was prayed for! We stopped giving the medicine. The skin continued to improve...blisters went away…scars are leaving. New skin in Jesus Name!

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